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Updated: Jan 9

From the moment I met Sam, I knew she was destined for greatness. She has the most amazing energy and is such a joy to be around. Oh yeah, who is Sam?

Sam Knapp, formerly Sam Hamlin, is my go-to Esthetician who recently opened up her business, Sam's Spa Services. She knows my skin so well and always makes me feel like a glowy angel when I leave her office... which is also her home! In downtown Punta Gorda, the Historic District, sits her cozy, blue, and with much personality home. If you are familiar with the Punta Gorda area, the best kept secret, where the locals love to live, is the Historic District. This area has so much charm about it!

After stepping into Sam's Spa Services for the first time, I was greeted with so much joy, which is how she is about all of her clients (she was highly recommended) and with a kiss or two, from Penny of course! Penny is Sam's PRECIOUS little teacup Yorkie that literally steals your heart when you meet her. With Penny in hand, Sam brought me back into her spa room, set with dim lighting and a massage bed dressed with cozy linens and a big fuzzy blanket. Sam and Penny stepped out as I got comfy in the bed and entered when I was ready.

My latest service combination that I am in love with is a facial vacuum ending with a hydrojelly mask. WOW! Remember vacuuming as a kid, playing with the hose and sucking up your cheek or leg or hand... No? Just me? Well, I loved the suction feeling and obviously still do because this felt incredible! The facial vacuum removed all the dirt inside my pores that I didn't know I had! beyond that it was a gentle exfoliate which is always great!

Here is a clip of the facial vacuuming for your viewing pleasure:

Once Sam was finished with the facial vacuum, I asked her about the hydrojelly mask which she had in Hyaluronic Acid and Egyptian Rose. I chose the Egyptian rose which smelled like pure heaven. She concocted the mixture on the spot and started applying to my face, warning me that if applied over the eyes and mouth they would be immobile for at least 10 minutes, which was about the time it took to dry. Once dried, the ingredients turned into a magically refreshing substance that was easy to peel off, leaving every eyelash and eyebrow right where they began.

I highly recommend visiting Sam! Here is how to get a hold of her to book an appointment:

Call: 941-623-7419


https://www.facebook.com/samsspaservices/ samanthahamlin92@gmail.com


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