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Aerial Photography

  • 15-25 Fully Edited Photos 

  • Outline of Property on 5 Photos

All-In Photo Package

  • 40+ Fully Edited

  • Exterior

  • Interior

  • Aerial Photos 

Residential Video

  • Property Intro (Address Logo Opener)

  • Area Introduction

  • Aerial Video

  • Interior Video

  • Property Highlights: Bullet Points Only

  • Contact Information

Commercial Highlight Video

​This video selection is extremely graphic-heavy. Including: 

  • Original Property Footage

  • Logo Stinger

  • Property Introduction

  • Google Location Zoom

  • Aerial Footage with Property Outline

  • Retail Callouts in Area

  • Highlights of Property (Bullet Points Only)

  • Contact Information

FOR EDITING ONLY (You Provide Footage) the price is $250

Commercial Retail Map

  • Additional to Aerial Photography or

  • Can be edited on Google Earth Photo

Floorplan & 3-D Rendering

  • Floorplan Created for Referencing of property for those who do not have floorplans.

  • Floorplans are created for convenience and are not created by a builder or engineer, therefore, we are not liable for any incorrect data. 

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